I'd like to say I've finished this website, but the truth is, in this day and age, a website is never really finished! If you are keeping your clients apprised of your activities it is an on going project. Gone are the days when you needed a webmaster to update you site, with costly fees and taking for ever to get any changes posted.

This site http://www.nypv.com was published in January. Since then, I've added a Resources tab which includes a blog, materials resources and a classifieds section with buy/sell and jobs features. Two months ago, no one on the board had thought of these features but within the month ideas started flying and now the updated site is raising in more interest than ever before. Members at the last meeting were talking about their phones ringing with requests for them to shoot and edit for people who found them on the site! I'm very proud of all the interest the new site has generated and am in love with the fantastic ability to make instant updates. If you'd like me to create a site for you, you're in the right place!


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