Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! It is a wonderful day to celebrate with family and friends. Particularly great time to share family stories and get some family folk lore. Use the info to update your family tree and of course,  if you are on ancestry.com to notate it there. I've along been fascinated by putting our family trees together and have been dragging info out of every relative we come across. Of particular importance lately are photographs. Often the person who the photo belonged to would write the location, date or person in the picture. When cross referencing this with info you find in the census data online you'll often find that the people you didn't know in the photo were relatives or people who lived in the same building. I've also found great info in address books, old letters and even passports. I was able to track down the town my great grandmother came from through her brothers passport info that I found online when he traveled back to his home town for a visit years after she had passed over. And horror of horrors to our Irish ears (Irish Americans still call themselves Irish even though we may be here for four or five generations already!) it turns out we're Orange not Green. Our family roots on at least one side come from Foxford, County Mayo, which is in the NORTH. YIKES. All those wonderful freedom songs we learned to love as tots and we're from the OTHER side. Still have a lot more digging to do to find out what it all means. Still have to answer the question how long do we have to be here till we just call ourselves American and not Irish. And, got back to my great-grandfather who was born in Boston (finding an O'Neill in Boston in 1853 is like looking for needle in a haystack!) 

What's my point? Ahh, well the point me lads and lassies is to preserve your photos and treat them with the greatest respect. Store them properly, digitize them and keep them safe for yourself and future generations. I am investigating a service that stores them in The Cloud. I'll keep you posted as to what I find out!
The former Katie O'Neill
Kathy Ritondo


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